03 October 2022

Fritom subsidiaries support various regional charities and international initiatives on an individual basis. Every year we choose one collective charity. This year, Marcel Punselie (general director of TGN|Fritom) handed over a cheque of € 10,000 to Hans Wijnhoff of the Dierenlot Foundation on behalf of the Fritom Group.

30 September 2022

Autumn is beautiful and in full swing. A season where everything is possible, rain, an indian day, wind and sometimes even a snowflake. Our drivers are prepared for everything to transport your cargo in the most effective way. In every season😊

16 September 2022

Lately we have made many beautiful videos and animations. This way you can find out a lot more about, for example, our logistics services and our service! Watch the video about TGN|FRITOM on

24 August 2022

Did you have a nice holiday? Enjoyed family, vacation or relaxing on the terrace or in the garden? Zwolle will be back to work on August 28. We at TGN|Fritom have also ensured that your daily transport was transported as usual in the summer. Also in the summer! Still, the end of summer feels like a new beginning. Soon we will be back into the December crowds again. Think along with us and plan your freight on time! In this way we make it a very nice second half of the year together.

22 July 2022

Our drivers come to many places in several countries in Europe. They also regularly drive to and from Eastern Europe during the holiday period. Due to international groupage, this transport allows us to deliver from small to large loads. We are happy to think along with your logistical challenges! More information?

22 July 2022

Webshops have become indispensable in today's world. Developments in the field of e-commerce follow each other in rapid succession. From order entry to delivery to the end customer: it is all carried out according to our high standards. A tailor-made solution for every company. View all our e-fulfilment solutions at:

22 July 2022

🚛Transport TGN|Fritom is the director of customer-oriented and smart total logistics solutions. Whether it concerns a package, one or more pallets, bulk or full truckloads, we are always looking for the best logistics solutions. Warehousing Our warehouse has good connections by road, air, rail and water. We offer a total package of e-fulfilment solutions. 💪Service At TGN|Fritom we know each other. Together we take care of your transport. We know that we need everyone in the chain to do that successfully every day. We are proud of our short communication lines, our enthusiastic team and informal service.

22 July 2022

Do you already know the five advantages of warehousing by TGN|Fritom? Five advantages of TGN|Fritom • Our warehouse has good connections by road, air, rail & water • We offer complete e-fulfilment solutions • Optimal communication is our top priority • Our staff speak fluent English, German and more • We are always solution-oriented and like to think along Do you want to know more about our warehousing?

20 June 2022

We do everything we can to get your cargo to the desired destination as quickly and effectively as possible. We are continuously developing, for example we recently introduced a new real-time tracking system for our drivers and you can book your freight online via MijnFritom 2.0. Worldwide demand for capacity, resources and people is high, this in combination with the high diesel prices creates many challenges every day. By working together we are much better able to respond to the challenges of the current market. Do you schedule your freight on time? Or consult us in time. In this way we remain effective and successful.

20 June 2022

We recently did an audit for a SKAL certificate, this certificate shows that we set high standards for the storage of organic products. We are very proud that we can carry this certification. We believe it is important for our customers to deliver quality. For example, we work together with our clients who also have SKAL certification themselves with the same desired standards and regulations. A great idea!

20 June 2022

The summer holidays will start in Zwolle. We will of course ensure that your orders continue as usual. We do need everyone in the chain to do this successfully every day. Do you schedule your assignments on time? Or contact us so that we can come to the best solutions together, even in the summer! In this way we also turn the holiday into a success story together.

20 June 2022

After two years it was finally time again! The annual Fritom motorcycle ride. We had a wonderful day together with customers and colleagues throughout the country. A pleasant ride along all kinds of beautiful places in the country. And of course nice to meet each other live again. Will you join us next year?

20 June 2022

After an audit for the renewal of ISO 9001, the certificate as a globally recognized standard for the quality management system, our certificate has been successfully extended again. And the audit for ISO 14001 has also been concluded positively. An internationally accepted standard for environmental management systems. With this recognition we show that we are aware of the environmental risks that our business activities entail and that we try to limit these risks.

20 June 2022

Our drivers have recently been provided with a new telephone with a completely renewed tracking system. For example, communication with our drivers is even better organized and they use a better user interface. Of course this is pleasant for our colleagues on the road, but this way we can also continue to track your freight in real time. Enough reason to celebrate, during a nice BBQ, our drivers received their new phone with special app.

17 June 2022

We are super proud! TGN|Fritom, has received a silver Ecovadis medal. This medal recognises our achievements in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We are aware of the social and ecological impact of our activities and take our social responsibility. TGN|Fritom converts its policy vision, in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, into concrete actions. Within TGN|Fritom this is expressed in the use of electric forklift trucks, the application of LED lighting, the separation and reuse of waste, the use of the latest Euro-6 engines, the insulation of buildings and the use of completely green electricity through wind energy. Naturally, we are honoured to receive this recognition from Ecovadis, the organisation known for its most trusted sustainability ratings in the world.

06 June 2022

At TGN|Fritom we know each other. Together we take care of your transport. We know that we need everyone in the chain to do this successfully every day. We are proud of our short communication lines, our enthusiastic team and informal service.

29 May 2022

TGN|Fritom has established its EDC at a strategic geographical location in the Netherlands. From Zwolle we offer efficient storage and transhipment options for every customer, of every size. With enough space at our own location and endless possibilities throughout Europe, there is always a suitable solution for your goods.

27 May 2022

The Netherlands is the most connected country in the world. Our warehouse has good connections by road, air, rail and water. This makes us the spider in the European web for your distribution and transport throughout Europe. In our warehouses we offer you e-fulfillment solutions for e-commerce, warehousing, order management, cross-docking, value added services and customs administration.

22 September 2021

No doubt you have noticed that in several logistic sectors shortages are arising. Worldwide demand for capacity , means and employees is growing which leads to a severe impact at logistic costs.

01 April 2021

During the year there are driving bans in various countries within the European Union, here are the most common dates to which this applies. Furthermore, additional restrictions may apply at a regional level.