22 September 2021

No doubt you have noticed that in several logistic sectors shortages are arising. Worldwide demand for capacity , means and employees is growing which leads to a severe impact at logistic costs.

01 April 2021

During the year there are driving bans in various countries within the European Union, here are the most common dates to which this applies. Furthermore, additional restrictions may apply at a regional level.

05 March 2021


As a result of Brexit, the United Kingdom is no longer subject to the rules of the European Union since 1 January 2021 and new rules have been introduced for transport to and from the UK. In our whitepaper you can find more information about the new procedures for transport between the EU and the UK.

04 November 2020

We are very happy with and proud of our people in Zwolle. The past period has been (and still is) hectic, corona requires extra effort and flexibility from all our employees. As TGN|FRITOM, we therefore wanted to thank our employees with an appropriate attention.

17 September 2020

Have you ever thought about the benefits of maintain a stockholding in the EU? Soon Brexit will become a reality! Holding your stock in our EDC in Holland saves you costs & time.

12 June 2020

The audit has shown that within TGN | Fritom we work according to the established processes and systems of the environmental management system. This allows us to continue our ISO 14001 certification (according to 2015 standard).

05 June 2020

The Top 100 of Logistics Service Providers of 2020 has been published. Changes are particularly noticeable in the middle regions of the list, where logistics service providers have also been assessed for their innovation capacity for the first time, a precondition for survival in this era of corona. The Fritom Group has shown improvements on each of these four additional elements.