Transport Lithuania

Looking for a logistic partner that takes care of your transportation to and from Lithuania? With 175 years of experience, TGN|Fritom is a specialist in road transport, LTL, FTL, and groupage. In addition to transport services, we also offer warehousing and solutions for your supply chain challenges. We can offer you a total package containing everything you need to successfully transport your goods to and from Lithuania. Curious how we can help you with your Lithuania transport? Contact us today! We are looking forward to your call.

Logistic challenges?

You might perceive getting your goods to Lithuania on time a logistical challenge, with Lithuania’s capital Vilnius a good 1640 kilometers away from the international hub of the Netherlands, but with TGN|Fritom as your logistics partner you can rest assured no challenge is too big. Your transport to and from Lithuania is in good, experienced hands. We drive to the Baltic states on a regular basis. So, our drivers know all available routes like the back of their hand. Within days your goods are in Vilnius, the harbor city Klaipėda, historic Kaunas, or any other place in Lithuania. Need to pick something up on the way back to the Netherlands? Or is your cargo in transit to another European country? TGN|Fritom takes care of it in no time

Scalable and flexible road transport

Using our transport services to and from Lithuania means you can benefit from flexible and scalable road transport. Whether you have full truck loads (FTL) to transport or just one pallet (LTL), our fleet is at your service. Depending on your transportation needs, we can scale up or down any time.

Our experienced planners make sure your end products reach your distribution center in Lithuania on time. Your semi-finished products are also in good hands and find their way to your production locations in the most efficient way with the help of TGN|Fritom. And our groupage services make transport to and from Lithuania possible even when sending a single package. We simply combine your small-size shipment with that of others to make a full truck load. International groupage benefits all parties involved.

Warehousing en supply chain

Does Lithuania form part of your production chain, for instance for processing raw materials or semi-finished products? Then getting your supplies on a regular basis is an absolute must. We have extensive experience in coordinating and organizing supply chains. The transport to Lithuania is only part of your entire supply chain. TGN|Fritom has a state-of-the-art distribution center, which is at your disposal. With the help of sophisticated processes, smart order picking, and accurate stock management, we make sure your goods arrive on time in Lithuania.

Beeld Litouwen Tgnfritom

Why should you choose TGN|Fritom?

TGN|Fritom stands for customer focused and smart total solutions in logistics and transport. We are at your service. International groupage, warehousing, VAL activities and customs clearance; whatever you need when it comes to transport to and from Lithuania, we can be of service to you. Our fleet is equipped with the latest technology when it comes to location tracking. Whatever we transport to and from Lithuania, via track & trace you know where your cargo is every step of the way. When using our warehousing services, you have 24/7 insight into your current stock. This way you’ll always know on time when you need more spare parts or when you need to produce to supply your distribution centers in Lithuania.

Get your Lithuania transport going

Our modern fleet is ready for your transportation to and from Lithuania. Are you curious about what TGN|Fritom can offer you when it comes to your Lithuania transport? Let us know your transport challenge and we will come back to you with a solution proposal.

Get your Lithuania transport going - contact TGN|Fritom today.