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Transport Austria

Looking for a reliable partner for your transportation to and from Austria? At TGN|Fritom you have come to the right place. International road transport is our profession. With a fleet of hundreds of trucks with different types of trailers and a network of hubs throughout Europe, we are ready for all your logistics challenges. We are more than happy to help you with the details of your transport plans and warehousing. Contact us today - TGN|Fritom is your specialist for transport to and from Austria!

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International groupage

Not every company has full truck loads to ship to Austria, and there is no need to! We combine your cargo with that of others to come to a full truck load, making it possible for you to use our international transport services even when shipping a single package or pallet. Whether you need to ship semi-finished products for further production or have finished products for the international market; we can help you with your international flow of goods. Using groupage, we make road transport to Austria affordable to all parties. Strong through collaboration!


Do you transport goods to Austria on a regular basis? Then you need a solid logistics strategy. The cargo that must be shipped needs to be ready at the right place at the right time. To do this, it needs to be stored at a convenient place for further distribution.

Reverse logistics, stock management, picking & packing; all this needs to be taken care of. That’s what our warehousing services offer you. We understand that not everybody has a supply chain with an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS). That’s why our system is at your disposal!


24/7 insight

Road transport to and from Austria, groupage, warehousing… whatever you hire us for, you always have an overview of your flow of goods. Our fleet is equipped with the latest track & trace system, so you’ll always know where your cargo is. Our logistics center in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and our logistics hubs throughout Europe provide 24/7 insight into your stock status.

Take care of your Austria transportation now

So, you’re looking for a reliable partner for your transportation to and from Austria? We at TGN|Fritom would like to be this for you. Hundreds of international customers preceded you. With the necessary certifications (ISO and more), years of experience and our drive, we are ready for all your logistical challenges.

Take care of your transportion to and from Austria today - contact TGN|Fritom.