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Distribution BeNeLux

From door to door within 24 hours

Distribution from door to door within the Benelux? When collaborating with us you can guarantee your client your delivery within 24 hours. We will live up to your promise. Picked up today means delivery to your client tomorrow. We’ll do so at the time you choose, for your B2B and your B2C client. We operate our own multiple warehousing sites, and these are well situated to offer you a cost-effective storage and distribution base for your products within the EU.

By using our own Fritom distribution network there is no unnecessary transshipment or third-party involvement. Which means you are guaranteed a fast and reliable delivery. Because you are in close contact with our people, you know you don’t have to worry about your shipments.

At your service

We know our way around the Netherlands. This is where our roots are and where the heart of our Fritom Group network is, spread strategically over 11 locations across the country. Each of our group companies has its own specialties, something you and your customer can take advantage of. Other than our home base our widespread logistics network is completely at your disposal. We know our way around and will find the smartest route to arrive on time, at the right address, and in the right condition.

Tell us what your logistical challenge within the Netherlands is.

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Melle Mulder

Melle Mulder
Inside Sales