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Our story

As a company we’ve grown from being a carrier into an international forwarder and logistic service provider.

1844: The start of our carrier service

Our history dates back to 1844, when Jaco Hendrik de Vries founded his carrier service, which later became VMD and is today TGN|Fritom. His home is built into an office from where he offers his carrier service.

1921: The basis for VMD

The next generation of the Family De Vries emerges and Tjerk Jacob de Vries registers his company: Motordiensten (Motor services) T.J. de Vries. The same year Ynze Dijkstra registers his company Motordiensten Y. Dijkstra. He starts using VMD in his letterhead as early as 1930.

Foto Gouden Koets TGN1
Foto Motordiensten TJ De Vries2

1939: Relocation VMD

VMD Express is officially registered and relocates to Thorbeckegracht 64 in the Dutch city of Zwolle. It is the first transport fundament.

1977: Transport of the Royal Golden Carriage

A special assignment: VMD is allowed to transport the royal Golden Carriage for an exhibition from the royal stables in the city of The Hague to Drunen. VMD is complimented by various groups for the way in which they carried out the assignment. This delicate assignment is exactly what typifies the company: VMD does what they say they will and don’t shy away from difficult assignments.

1984: Fritom

The members of the Samenwerkende Transportbedrijven groep (Cooperative Transport Companies group) is taken over by the Friese Transport Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij BV, later known as the Fritom Group. Now the Fritom Group consists of seven logistic companies with 10 locations. They are independently operating companies but do share knowledge and organizational capacity. It is why they can offer the best possible solution to any logistic challenge.

2002: Multiple certificates

VMD is awarded the certificate 1063838 of the Bureau Veritas Quality International BV. This certificate makes clear that the management system of the company complies to EN-ISO 9001-2000 demands. VMD also gets awarded the Certificate of quality logistics service provision number 2002-048 by Physical Distribution Group, part of Transport and Logistic Netherlands. The certificates are exemplary for the quality the company delivers.

2003: Merger between VMD and TGN

Over 150 years ago, after the company was founded, forwarding agency VMD and Transport Groep Nederland (TGN) takes place. From this date on the name of the company is TGN|Fritom.


Present day: The world within hand’s reach

As an international service provider TGN|Fritom handles more and more shipments that need more than standard care. We offer these services from our 25,000 m2 warehouse, with an inventive team of  35 people. TGN|Fritom likes to enter long-term relationships with its clients to offer the best possible solution. 


Let us surprise you with our possibilities!