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Do you need temporary storage of stock, or perhaps you are considering outsourcing your storage, inventory management and distribution completely? Our services have no fixed form, we model them according to your wishes and needs. We are happy to use our facilities and expertise for you.




As you may have read on our social media channels, last year we shared the news about the upcoming construction of an ultra-modern warehousing facility in Zwolle, which will meet the highest sustainability standards of BREEAM Excellence. Although the official delivery is planned for the summer of 2025 at the Hessenpoort, we would like to emphasize that we already have storage space available for interested customers.

Our new facility will be designed with sustainability and the environment in mind, and will act as a showcase of innovative warehousing. TGN|Fritom is committed to meeting not only the demands of today, but also those of the future.

TGN|Fritom already offers storage space for various logistics requirements. We hereby offer customers the opportunity to immediately benefit from our storage capacity and logistics services. “We look forward to a sustainable and successful collaboration with our clients, both now and in the future.”

Reasons why customers have chosen TGN|Fritom's warehouse solutions:

  • Concentration on core activities
  • Making fixed costs variable
  • Lower investments
  • Higher logistics quality
  • Less risk of damage
  • Connectivity

WMS: a state-of-the-art WMS. Our system knows exactly what, where and when goods arrive and leave. Our system also sends automatic stock lists at times when you want and to whom you want. We can do this monthly, but also weekly or even daily.

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