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TGN|Fritom has located her EDC at a geographical strategic location in the Netherlands. From Zwolle we offer every customer, no matter the size, efficient storage and transshipment possibilities.

Because we have enough room at our own location and endless possibilities throughout Europe there will always be a suitable solution for your goods.

Our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) registers incoming and outgoing goods electronically. Providing you with real time stock data any time you need it.

Amongst others, we take care of:

  • In- and outbound (FIFO, LIFO, best before dates)
  • Reverse logistics
  • Stock management
  • Cycle count
  • Order picking, branding, (re)packaging
  • Combination of B2B and B2C
  • Multiple VAL/VAS activities
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Mart Deelman

Mart Deelman
Sales Manager