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Transportation Switzerland

From just a few packages or pallets to full truck loads: whatever you need to ship to Switzerland, TGN|Fritom is your logistics partner. We provide daily transportation to and from Switzerland. Thanks to our extensive hub network and our own extensive fleet, we can easily scale with your transport needs. With us as your logistics partner you also know where your cargo is located 24/7. Our service package, including road transport, groupage, and warehousing amongst other things, provides you with a flexible service matching your exact transport needs. Contact us today to get your Switzerland transport on the road.

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Groupage: efficient and affordable road transportation

Perhaps it never crossed your mind to use a transport company, because you only transport small amounts to and from Switzerland. For this, TGN|Fritom offers groupage. We combine your cargo with that of others to make a full truck load. Making road transport accessible, efficient, and affordable to everyone.

Keeping a close eye on your shipment

Our modern fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art board computers, making it possible for you to always track & trace your shipment. Useful for both you as well as your stakeholders because you can actively notify your customers and partners of the transport status, making it easy for all parties to quickly respond to changing situations.


Warehousing en supply chain

Want to run your transport to and from Switzerland efficiently? Then having stock available might be helpful to optimize your supply chain. That way you can transport the quantities the moment they are needed. Maybe you want to set up a complete supply chain, so that every link in your production chain is always optimally supplied. Our own European distribution center is at your disposal to help you with this. Our Warehouse Management System ensures you have real-time insight into your stock, so you can take timely action when necessary. As your supply chain director, we can help you develop and set up an efficient supply chain.

Take care of your Switzerland transportion today

Our drivers are ready to travel to this beautiful alpine country for you. Whatever your logistical challenge, we look forward to taking it on with you. Take care of your Switzerland transport today and contact TGN|Fritom.