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Transport Germany

Are you looking for a 360-degree solution for your shipments to and from Germany? Flexible, but in control? Whether it’s for the shipment of packages, one or more pallets, bulk or complete truckloads; we’ll adjust our services to your needs. We not only know the way, but we also know all the required parties needed to best take care of your specific transportation needs. It goes without saying, that all documentation needed, will be taken care of. Thanks to our own equipment and our extensive Fritom network, we can easily adjust to your needs. Our years of experience combined with our stellar solutions makes our transport to and from Germany a household name. Want to experience the benefits of us handling your transport first-hand? Contact us today!

TGN|Fritom: Your specialist for shipments to and from Germany!


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Our benefits

TGN|Fritom has its own modern fleet with various types of trailers for transport to and from Germany. Our fleet includes:

  • standard tilt trailers with and without tail lift;
  • lightweight tilt trailers;
  • mega trailers.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art onboard computers, you constantly know the whereabouts of your shipment to and from Germany (track&trace). TGN|Fritom has numerous solutions to offer when it comes to transport. Not only do we drive to Germany on a daily basis, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria and Italy are covered too. Need to ship to Eastern, Central and Southern Europe? No problem! TGN|Fritom knows and drives to all corners of this part of the world. That’s why you can expect a flawless execution of your transport.


Transport Germany

You might face the logistic challenge of distributing your products within Germany. You do not need to worry, TGN|Fritom takes care of every kind of transport to or within Germany. On a daily base. It really is no trouble. An extensive groupage network, in-depth knowledge of the German market and a modern fleet means that we take care of every kind of transport to and from Germany.

Whether you need to ship a few packages or pallets; our highly skilled planners make sure your shipment will arrive in Germany at the exact location at the exact time. Because we have our own fleet, you are always guaranteed of transport availability to your end destination.

Your shipments are in good hands, not only for road transport - we are also your logistic partner when it comes to:


Logistic partner

There is more to your shipment than it just being transported from A to Z. Therefore, we strive to think alongside you to come to the best solution for you and your customers. We’ll help optimize your supply chain by exploring the background of your shipments to, from and within Germany - and by doing so be of added value to your customer service. As your logistic partner we do more than just deliver your shipments to the door, we optimize your supply chain and deliver the best possible customer experience.


Why use TGN|Fritom for your shipments to Germany?

96% of our customers recommend TGN|Fritom. Why? Because we are the logistic service provider for customer focussed and smart logistic solutions. TGN|Fritom is your freight forwarder for international groupage, warehousing, VAL activities and custom clearance. Our smart IT solutions, over 175 years of experience, in-house specialists and extensive European network including Germany, guarantees your success. This is what makes us of added value, including for your activities on the German market. To lift the supply chain to a higher standard, we are more than willing to invest. We ’ll explore your opportunities in an initial meeting. Which will be the starting point of our joined road to success.

It’s up to you

It only makes sense you want to stay in control. It is after all about your German customers’ satisfaction, the reliability of your stock, your supply chain. But leave the work and stress that goes with it to us. Thanks to modern-standard technology you can keep an eye on your shipment 24/7. It is your choice as to which level we implement our services to benefit your business operations.

Organize your transport to and from Germany today

Want to know more about transportation to and from Germany? Call us on +31 (0)38 850 1500 for a free consultation. Want to know your rate with TGN|Fritom? Visit our application page and receive a - non-binding - proposal for your shipment to or from Germany free of charge.

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Mart Deelman

Mart Deelman
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