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Transport Greece

Are you in need of transportation to and from Greece, either on a regular basis or a one-off instance? TGN|Fritom is your logistics partner. Whether you need to transport a single package or truckloads, you can rest assured your Greek transportation is in safe hands. And not only that, in the words of one of our satisfied customers: ‘A good logistics partner is an extension of your own organization’. That’s exactly what we aspire to be. Take care of your transportation to and from Greece - contact us today!



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Flexibility and control

Choosing TGN|Fritom as your logistics partner means choosing years of experience and having access to an extensive network that is easy to connect to and work with. Do your transport needs to and from Greece change over time? TGN|Fritom makes for a smooth and easy scaling up or down of your operations. Our state-of-the-art fleet with a variety of trailers can reach any destination, from Athens to Thessaloniki. Is the end destination one of the Greek islands? We'll take care of it via sea freight or air freight. You don’t have to worry what transport option or route is the best, we’ll make sure to use the best possible option for your transport. You and your partners and/or customers can rest assured that your cargo will arrive on time. Want to know every move of your cargo during transport? Our track&trace system is available to you 24/7.


Transport to and from Greece

When can you start using our transport services to and from Greece? Whether you have a one-off deviated size parcel that needs to be transported or need to ship full loads (FTL) on a regular basis, TGN|Fritom doesn’t shy away from any transportation challenge. We make road transport accessible and possible for both small as well as multinational businesses. FTL? We drive to and from Greece whenever you need. Part load (LTL)? We’ll do the same. When possible, we’ll combine several LTL’s (groupage) - making our process as efficient as possible and thus saving you money.


Other services by TGN|Fritom

Logistics is of course more than road transport, forwarding and groupage. Maybe you need warehousing for your products or need raw materials or semi-finished products before you are ready to transport to or from Greece. We have you covered. Our centrally located state-of-the-art distribution center is here to help you ease your logistics processes. If needed, we can design and take care of your entire supply chain. Just let us know what you need and we as your logistics partner will take care of it. We can offer full-service possibilities when it comes to your transport needs to and from Greece:

Get your transport to Greece on the road with TGN|Fritom

Our sophisticated IT solutions and over 175 years of experience are at your service. We ensure your transportation to and from Greece is a success. We don’t take your transport needs lightly, so first we’ll need to discuss your needs in detail with you. We are your partner in logistics, therefore your expertise is as important as ours. Just like one of our customers mentioned earlier on, we truly become an extension of your organization. Make sure your transportation to and from Greece is a success for you and your customers. Contact us today. Ευχαριστώ!

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Mart Deelman
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