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Export declaration

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The electronic document formatting for goods leaving the Union is also one of our areas of expertise. Our knowledge of the regulations is always up to date and always at your disposal. Export declaration is a meticulous job, following the correct electronic procedure ensures that your goods reach their destination without any delay. For us it is all in a day’s work, as it is part of our core business activities. You can leave it to us without having to worry about it and focus on other matters.


Let the experts handle your electronic export declaration. Contact us.

Import declaration

Without an effort

We provide logistic services. In our business that means optimal and actual knowledge of customs regulations. Of course, we provide the right tools. Our systems are designed in such a way, that we handle the electronic import declaration of your shipment. Without you having to put in any extra effort.  Your import declaration is complete, the procedure is according to planning and your import goods are on the right place on the right time. And in the meantime, you can focus on different matters.


Would you prefer that your electronic import declaration is handled by experts? Contact us.


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Jelle Brandsma
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