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Hamat B.V.

Carlo Dunnik is export manager at Hamat BV, an export company specialized in doormats. Their slogan “flooring is our product, service our business” makes clear how they want to approach the market.

Carlo Dunnik: “We guarantee a high service level and expect the same from TGN|Fritom as our logistic partner. We distribute doormats mainly in Western Europe. We find in TGN|Fritom a partner that can deliver throughout Europe and can also ensure proper handling. They represent an extension of the service we promise and give to our customers. We give our customers peace of mind by making the right delivery at the right time. For us TGN|Fritom is a company that has mastered this and on top of that they are also really pleasant to work with. We really grow and develop alongside each other.

If we look ahead, we see partial shipments becoming even more important. Being able to deliver faster and a continuous optimized service will be the new standard. And sustainability becomes more and more important. For this we want to be the forefront runner in our industry. It is therefore of the utmost importance that our partners continue to focus on improving sustainability. The consumer market asks for it.

Our new 28 meters high warehouse gives us more control regarding stock management and allows us to deliver faster. We have also opened a factory in India for mats made out of coir. Because we have our own production facility, we can respond to changes in the market faster. Quite essential in a world of ever-emerging trends and developments. In India the ground supplies of  coir and rubber are readily available, thus having a production unit in India makes sense. We are happy that, partly because of this, we can stay at the forefront of our industry.

We want to continue to invest and focus on revenue growth. A higher service level could broaden the current clientele. We have found a very good and reliable partner in TGN|Fritom to do so. We’re ‘mat partners’ so to speak.”