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We have been working with TGN|Fritom for about a year now and we have switched completely since about three months. This means that we use TGN|Fritom for all our shipments domestic and abroad. It is nice to have one partner who simply knows us well and can deliver customized work.

Our warehouse is somewhat difficult to reach, for example. As a result, we often loaded and unloaded with a pump truck. Now we have a reach truck inside that takes over that work. Together with the steering skills of the drivers, who maneuver the tail lift within range, we now work much faster and more pleasantly. The vast majority of drivers are prepared on arrival for the challenge that awaits them here.

Personal contact is also pleasant. We have one contact person who is available at all times. He makes good agreements with our suppliers and distribution centers. In some cases, these are the same parties, which makes good communication and service provision even more important. When we contact our contact person at TGN|Fritom, we can be confident that something will be done with it. Satisfied suppliers makes us happy.