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Arseus Lab

Arseus Lab is a client of TGN|Fritom. Patrick de Jong of Arseus Lab is highly appreciative of the drivers at TGN|Fritom:

We started working with TGN|Fritom about 4 years ago. This collaboration was established with the initial contact I had with a driver who came to deliver to us. It’s normally the same driver who delivers to us. They really are Ambassadors of the company they represent. The driver who delivered to us was very engaging and planted the seeds of a possible collaboration.

I had a tour of the TGN|Fritom facility in the city of Zwolle and we hit it off right away. This shows the driver really knew what he was doing when approaching us. He was representative and well-informed. If you ask me the value of a driver is often underestimated. At the end of the day they are the ones who have a personal relationship with the customer.

We are a wholesaler of dental prosthesis products and deliver mainly within Benelux. We import all kinds of products from all over Europe. The most important factor of delivery is that these products are delivered with the utmost care and attention. Because damages are of course a no-go. TGN|Fritom really handles our cargo with due care and consideration. They never load more onto a truck than allowed. They bring the products straight from the manufacturer to us in the city of Zeist. And make sure the products are not damaged during handling.

TGN|Fritom gives us peace of mind. Where our knowledge ends, the Fritom Group takes over. Guaranteeing a solution to any challenge. For example: we have a supplier in China where different rules and regulations apply. The Fritom Group has an agency in China. When we have an order for the Chinese supplier, Fritom takes over. They keep the lines short, so we are kept in the loop with all updates. Those short communication lines also apply in our relationship with TGN|Fritom. We have fixed points of contact, so we always know who we are dealing with, know exactly who to contact and which expertise the person of contact possesses. You know the person on the other end of the phone. And that saves a lot of time.

The pleasant and open contact with TGN|Fritom contributes to a smooth order processing. Direct contact with the person responsible creates the possibility to discuss wishes and needs so there are no misunderstandings. They really thought about the customer journey and their experience prevents problems along the way. The journey is off to a great start when everything is taken care of beforehand, like friendly interactions, clear explanation of the possibilities and the right information. So, you end up at your destiny like you intended: in perfection condition and all in one piece.

Our customers expect us to have everything in stock and quick dispatch times.

Know-how, being able to truly listen, complimented by useful advice contribute to a long-term relationship.”