Your EDC in The Netherlands

TGN|Fritom’s European Distribution Center, Located in The Netherlands, may just be the logistic solution you need!

The Netherlands is the most connected country in the world, and is ranked by the World Economic Forum for the best infrastructure in the world. It is a small country with enormous ambitions, for businesses with likewise ambitions it will be a perfect match.

The ports of our biggest cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, are responsible for handling almost half of all sea-cargo in Europe. In addition to that, Dutch road transporters handle almost 30% of all international road transport in Western Europe. This enables us at TGN|Fritom to be the linchpin in the European web for your transport and distribution throughout the whole of Europe. Our success is based on the good connections our warehouses have with all modalities: road transport, train, sea & air freight.

TGN|Fritom has its own bonded warehouse in Zwolle, made available through special licenses we have acquired from the Dutch customs department. Our AEO certification is something you can benefit from daily, because of our interference your goods will be checked less frequently. If they are selected for inspection, they will have precedence over other goods present at that time. Partnering up with TGN|Fritom does not only ease your mind, it also saves you time.

At our warehouses, we can offer you storage, e-fulfillment solutions (e-commerce), order management, cross docking, value added services and customs administration.


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Mart Deelman

Mart Deelman
Sales Manager